Tuesday, 31 July 2012

How Else to Dress it Up?

In my young(er) years, I've never really been a dress person. I think it was kinda' a backlash from years and years of wearing dress as a child, thanks to mom. I've always considered my style to have a touch of masculine to it, ie, until a friend got me into dresses, again.

RW&Co dress, BR belt (Outlet), H&M flats,
Nygard cuff & J Crew bracelet

Like my friend said, getting "dressed" (get it? hehe) become so easy since there goes your top and bottom.

(probably coulda' ironed this better)

But take this dress tho'. On its own, how do I change the look other than change the accessories, in the summer anyways? And does it really change the look entirely? Who am I kiddding! But then again, does it take away how much I like it? No, not really. So what am I griping about? Actually, I dunno...

Oh dilemma, dilemma... pffft...

Monday, 30 July 2012


I know it's not just me who's had a seersucker dress as a child. Or shorts, or skirt, or whatever... What's with seersucker and children anyways?

Jessica jacket (Sears),  Tristan tank,  necklace (Loehmanns, old),
BR jeans, Giudit belt (Winners), Gap flats

Last Friday, on my walk home, I thought I'd go check out the Sears store nearby that's closing soon, in October, I think. I just got curious, that's all, as to what kind of deals can be had. I did end up getting some towels. And this jacket. For a steal, if I may add. HAH!

Actually, now that I think about it, I'm not sure why I don't have a seersucker anything in my closet all this time, I mean as an adult. hehe

What's more summer than seersucker, eh?

Sunday, 29 July 2012

Fireworks Night

Last night, went to a retired co-worker's house to watch the fireworks, and of course, for some bbq.

Poet shirt (Winners), Gap legging jeans (recent purch) & 
 men's belt, Aldo shoes, Blue Ruby cuff

How much more summery can you get than that, eh?

And can you get any more summery with these pants? No, right? hehe

Good company, yummy food, dazzling fireworks, ideal summer weather... my kind of Saturday, for sure...

Friday, 27 July 2012

The End of The GF Story

So here we are, Friday, last day at the office building where girlfriend, who I've been kinda' matching outfit-wise the last 3 days, also works.

Rafaella top (old), J Crew bermuda shorts (recent purch),
Rudsak belt (Winners), Expression flats (The Bay)

Didn't quite match the black and white she was planning to wear. Her reason was very specific whereas I have none. But seeing it's kinda' the last day, I thought I might as well kinda' match her hehe. The white part, at least.

The shorts may not necessarily be the smartest choice today since it cooled off a bit. And add to that the arctic-like temp at the office where I was sitting. Bah! I do love these shorts tho'. Got it from the most recent J Crew sale. I got an email saying extra 40% off on sale items. When I got to the store, it turned out it was extra 50% off! Apparently, the email I got only applied to US, but who cares, I got a better deal, yay!

Watching a rerun of the Olympics opening ceremony right now... Tomorrow, going to a colleague's place for some barbeque and to watch the fireworks. It better not rain, that's all imma say...

Thursday, 26 July 2012

3 for 3

For the 3rd day in a row, same girlfriend who I've mentioned for the last 2 days, yes, again, just happened to wear a dress in the similar shade, only sleeveless. Seriously, what is up with that?!? Cray cray, no?!!? This, without consulting each other!

Esprit dress, Gap belt, H&M flats

We kinda' wondered how it is when I'm usually at my office and she being where she is now. Can't be like this all the time. It's almost like fashion version of Twilight Zone *cue music*. The best part, another girl in her floor is practically wearing the same dress as hers.

It probably would've been 4 for 4 at this point had I been working on Monday. Guess we can make it 4 for 4 tomorrow. She does know what she's gonna wear since she has a funeral to attend to tomorrow afternoon, which means black and white (that's what she said).

Nah, where's the fun in that, knowing ahead of time? Guess we're just gonna have to settle for 3...

Goes to show how my day was if all I could talk about were our outfits. Oh did I mention how hot it was today?

Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Summer Breeze

Another perfect sunny day. *happy sigh* Sunny with a bit of a breeze, just enough to cool one off.

J Crew shirt, AE jeggings, Gap belt, Clarks flats (The Bay)

It'd been more perfect if it wasn't spent inside an office that feels like a furnace in the morning and a freezer in the afternoon. But that's neither here nor there...

If I haven't mentioned it before, I'm saying it now, I love these pants. I got them last fall(?), and I've worn it to death already. I just love how the color is season-less (is that even a word?). I'm pretty sure it's cost-per-wear is approaching to cents now (ok, that's probably an exaggeration, but it's pretty close, I'm sure).

Funny how the same girlfriend I mentioned yesterday wearing something similar to mine just happens to be wearing similar color palette as mine today, again (wish I remembered to take a pic, then it'd been 2 headless figures hehe). How about that, eh?

Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Bringing Summer Back

Despite the rain over the weekend, it does appear that the city is working its way back to summer temp. Well, it is still summer after all.

Gap jacket (old), Joe Fresh tee, BR jeans,
Cole Haan loafers, Nygard necklace (Sears),
J Crew bracelet & bangle
For this week and next, I'm working at a different office. Change of pace, I suppose... *shrug*

Funny enough, a friend also happens to work in the same building and for whatever reason, we were almost wearing the same outfit, although her version is a tad less colorful. Cropped jeans and jacket. I guess great minds think alike...

Words seem to have escaped me all of a sudden. I guess I'm more tired than I thought. O well...

Sunday, 22 July 2012

Grass is Greener...

Rain came this weekend, as predicted (for a change). Although it wasn't the most welcome sight, it did cool off the city a bit. A few more days of the heat and I woulda' been whining like the folks back east hehe. I know, I know, can't win, eh?

Attitude top & Nygard necklace (Sears),
Gap cropped trousers, Aldo flats

Did my small good deed yesterday, and just resting today. I think whatever I was feeling since Friday before last has finally caught up with me. Never fails, the way I get sick, on weekends! What's up with that! *shrug*

Felt a lil weird wearing such a saturated color in summer, but yesterday's weather was not typical summer weather, so I thought it was ok...

I'll be working in a different office for the next 2 weeks. Should be fun...

I think imma rest up now...

Friday, 20 July 2012

Weepy Friday

Woke up this morning, I realized it was raining. It almost felt surreal after weeks of sun and heat. And a funny thing about summer rain is that it doesnt' really cool anything off. It just felt muggy. Or so I thought, anyways, until about mid-day when the wind picked up a bit, then it was a tad cool...

Beechers Brook top (Fairweather), CK jeans (Winners), Aldo flats

So there's the rain. Then, watching the news in the morning, what greeted me? The unfortunate sad scary event that happened in a Colorado theatre. Ay yah...

On a more mundane thought, my right leg, where I pulled a muscle, is feeling much better, thank god...

I just realized today's outfit is like a back-up outfit for me when all else fails. No, not so much the look itself but more like the idea of monochromatic (sorta') clothes paired with bright (sorta') shoes. I think it's because in my previous work life, as I've probably mentioned before, I lived in suits. And when you think there's only so many color of suits you can purchase, what's a gal to do to inject some personality? Why, go crazy with shoes and accessories. No?...

J Crew bracelet, Tissot watch (gift)

Express turquoise necklace (old)

And the more I look at my outfit, the more it feels like a suburban mom look to me. Don't even know what that means! I think it's the cropped pants. Dang stereotypes!... No offense...

God, my thoughts are all over the place! Thank god it's Friday. No more thinking required... Whew!...

Thursday, 19 July 2012

Just Peachy

For whatever reason, I woke up at 3 this morning. Don't ask me why. It's not as if I was in bed by 7 or something. Don't even know what woke me up, but there I was, thinking it was close to alarm time but it obviously wasn't. Gah!

H&M button-down shirt,
Gap Khaki boyfriend roll-up shorts (recent purch),
J Crew belt, Expression flats (The Bay)

Oh, then on my way to work this morning, walking normal as usual to catch the subway, my right foot probably landed on a wrong angle because next thing I knew, I pulled a calf muscle. Not sure how it happened, but it did. Gah!

And I guess it was more serious than I thought coz it didn't go away just like that. I was kinda' limping the whole day. And at the end of the day, it could have been a nice walk home with the sunny weather and all, but no. Went as far as 4 blocks. Gah!

Ok, rant over...

Peachy! Just peachy!... Get it?... HAH!

Wednesday, 18 July 2012

A Touch of Red

For the first time in weeks, there were gray clouds, which only meant one thing. Noooo!!! Luckily, it didn't stay long. Whew!

Gap dress, Betsey Johnson belt (Winners), Clarks flats (The Bay)

Wasn't at the office today. Had to go for some training. Kinda'(?) glad not having to go to work today in a way. Still kinda' feeling under the weather so it was nice to break up the week. Yay, hump day!

And because it was training after all, left "work" on time, for a change. Even better was it was near our place. I'd been home in less than 10 minutes. But I wasn't, due to some minor detour. Only minor.

Tuesday, 17 July 2012


Now that the city is in full shorts mode, I figure I don't want to miss out. Shorts yesterday, why, shorts again today.

Fred David top (Winners), Gap shorts & belt,
Expression flats (The Bay)

I just realize I don't have that many shorts. Not that it makes a big difference, considering where we live. And no, not that I'm looking for any more excuse to shop, ok? hehe And then this top, I actually almost forgot I have it. Talk about really not having any excuse to shop!

How can I forget about this top?! I actually like this one, especially the bow.

Kinda' feeling more pooped than usual. I think I may have caught a virus. It started last Friday with my throat feeling like closing up. I thought it was just an allergy, but I guess not. Ach, who gets sick in the summer?!? Cray cray!

Nah, I just need to rest, that's all...

Monday, 16 July 2012

Time for a Blizzard

DQ Blizzard, that is. Hah!...

Another hot sunny beautiful summer day. No complaints at all. Ok, maybe just 1 itty bitty one. The fact that it's cold in the office. Blasted AC!

Top & Kensie shorts  (Winners), H&M ballet flats

Anyhoot, today being Monday, of course it was busy. And I tell ya, all kinds of interesting characters are out of the woodwork for some reason. I guess because it is Monday. It made for an interesting busy day, to say the least.

Talking to hubs on the way home, he suggested to pick-up DQ. With the kind of day I had, I thought it was the perfect suggestion to cap the day. How can you go wrong with Blizzard after all?

And the day is ok once more...

Saturday, 14 July 2012

Blue and Floral;)

Last night, after work, met some colleagues I haven't seen in a while. For 5 women to get together, it definitely took a bit of an effort. Like someone in the group said, it was like herding cats. Go figure.

Effeti Moda shirt (Winners), H&M pants, AE belt,
Joe Fresh sandals (recent purch)

Let's just say last night's get-together took roughly 50 email correspondences and a few text messages here and there in a span of a month and a half. What was up with that!

But in the end, yes, we finally locked down a date. And what a fun evening!

We met up right after work, so we're talking late afternoon and it just went on and on. It's interesting, to me, that as a group, it was the most unlikely grouping, but with a common experience, the personalities just mesh and the dynamics work for some reason. Unexpected, in a delightful way...

Oh, and these sandals were worn for the first time last night. Let's just say I had to break it in, but for a change I didn't care. I like it, ok. And because I've been on flats for a good while now, I just felt really tall in these babies. Best part, it was only $10! Yay!


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