Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Anti-Bullying Day

To show support, our office has decided to wear pink for the day.

Roxy sweater (Winners), Gap shirt and pants

Didn't have quite the right pink. So tried to come as close as I could.

And as I was getting ready to leave, I figure I might as well take it all the way.

Nine West belt (Winners)

Aldo flats

AK cuff (The Bay), gift from mom (from the Philippines)

Oh, and guess what greeted me outside, first thing in the morning!!!


As a result...

...which, I soon learned, shortly after I stepped out, was not really that useful as that snow just turned to rain, and melted away, and turned to slush, all in a span of half an hour.

O well...

Tuesday, 28 February 2012


And back to business...

And of course, it's just been steady bussssy at work, blech!

Which didn't keep me from taking pics, of course, pfft...


So to recap the last few days, here's how the days went by:

This little piggy actually went to work one day wearing this...

This little piggy decided, the day after that, to invoke the gods of spring...

Joe Fresh tunic top, Gap leggings, Bjorn boots (Winners)

Did it work, you ask?

This little piggy then reverted back...

Dalia sweater (gift from mom), H&M top,
Nicole Miller leggings, Aerosole boots (Winners),
Nygard necklace (Sears)

Then the weekend arrived, and this little piggy just rested, for the most part. Translate: plopped on the couch, for the most part.

This little piggy, once again, headed back to work and heard it was going to rain, but couldn't bear to wear winter clothes head to toe so she compromised...

Grace jacket (super old), Black Rain rosette blouse (Winners),
Urban Planet leggings, Clarks desert boots (Winners)

Later that day, little piggy realized that she lost an earring. A fairly new one that quickly became a favorite, so she was quite bummed:(

Then, this morning, this little piggy heard it was gonna be a cold one, with a possibility of snow. Ach!

Christine Gerard cardi (Winners), H&M bow-tie top,
Gap cord pants, Helly Hensen boots (Winners)

Which didn't come, fortunately...

Just felt really pooped coming home tonight... sigh... I tell ya, no stat holiday til Easter really just makes this time of the year draaag. Bah! And not sure what pill I swallowed, but I agreed to do more hours at work, on top of that! Cray cray!

Is it Friday yet?!?

Thursday, 23 February 2012

Technical Difficulties

Please stand by...

courtesy of google images


Tuesday, 21 February 2012


I managed to get up on time today, yay! Well, relatively speaking...

Effetti Moda shirt (Winners), H&M vest,
Gap cropped trousers, C'est Chic boots (Designer Depot),
bracelet (The Bay)

I love this vest but every time I wear it, I feel like grabbing some plates of food and putting them on a tray to serve, no disrespect to people who work in the service industry. And yes, even though I know this is not even the uniform de rigueur anymore, so to speak. Either that, or I feel like I should start talking with a drawl, again no disrespect.

Maybe it's just me eeeek... Damn all these "rules" in my head!!! If you can even call them that, hmmm...

H&M scarf

So in an effort to confuse myself even more, thought I'd add the scarf, to make it truly a mishmash, that I wouldn't even be able to describe the look. YAY!


Monday, 20 February 2012


I was running a lil late this morning. Actually, I say more than usual:o

Needless to say, I could not afford to put thoughts into what to wear today, so let's just say this is the best I could manage today...

(The Bay)
(gift from mom, from the Philippines)

The best part? I could not have picked a better time to wear that arm candy. It snagged my sweater, one time too many!!!



Saturday, 18 February 2012

Pink and Red

Ever since I saw this picture of SJP, it just got stuck in my head, I guess.

courtesy of

Then I saw this too.

courtesy of

I figure, since it was still the week of Valentine, decided to wear this yesterday...

Tristan button-down shirt, BR knit vest,
AE jeggings, Aerosole boots (Winners)

But, I kinda' chickened out and toned it down a bit.

I tried, I really did! heehee

So, to make up for the covering, I thought I'd inject more color, as if I needed more, and made spring be felt as much as I could. HAH!

(The Bay)

Gotta love colors!!!

Thursday, 16 February 2012

Violets are Blue, Roses are Red

After yesterday's eye-popping orange of a cardi, I thought I just couldn't go back so soon to my go-to basic of a color palette choice of blacks/grays/browns.

Sutton Studio cashmere sweater (Bloomingdales, old!),
Betsey Johnson belt (Winners),
Della Spiga pants (Costco, old!),
Guess flats (Winners)

Uh-oh, appears to be heading towards the darker shades, perhaps... Nooo!!!

I figure, as I was getting ready, might as well take it all the way.

Too much, you think? Meh...

Material Girl earrings (The Bay)

I did wear a red belt. Does that count?

Does that make it violets are blue, rose is a red, then? And stars over you, perhaps?:p

Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Tangerine, or Is it Persimmon?

I decided, albeit last minute, finally, to wear this cardi that I've been meaning to wear for a while now.

Forever 21 cardi, Gap shirt & belt,
Khakis & Co cropped cargo pants (Winners),
C'est Chic boots (Designer Depot)
So glad I did. I love this color!!!:)

And I guess because it's so bright, people couldn't help but notice it heehee

I'm seriously now rethinking these bright colors hmmmm... all those other colors other than orange, obviously ... They're quite fun!

Care for a punch?:p

Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Daddy's Little Girl

Woke up this morning not really planning to wear red, you know, in honor of Valentine's Day. But, there is one thing I always wear on Valentine's Day, which has red in it...

Norton jacket (super old!),
white button-down (Winners, another old item),
Seven for Mankind jeans (Holt Renfrew Last Call),
Aerosole boots (Winners)

... my dad's tie, that is...

... which led to more red, kinda'...

Betsey Johnson belt (Winners)

I say that's enough red for the day, eh?:p

Jessica Simpson
(The Bay)

Here's to all the couples out there celebrating their love in whatever way, and the single gals, and guys, who never lose hope and continue to put themselves out there in the name of love all while celebrating singlehood.


Monday, 13 February 2012

Black and White Some More

Couldn't decide what shoes to wear this morning. And I think I mentioned before how I'm one of those people who sometimes starts an outfit with the shoes and build from there. So imagine not being able to decide about the shoes in the first place, eeek...

Gap jacket, Esprit dress, Tommy Hilfiger booties (Winners)
Every Sunday night, I tell myself to not press the snooze button too many times. And every Monday morning, guess what happens?

I press the snooze button as many times as I can get away with, of course. And every night, I tell myself, hey, start thinking of what you think you want to wear tomorrow!

And do I do it? Of course not. HAH!

onyx necklace (Winners)

Monday, Monday...

Sunday, 12 February 2012

Close Call

Since I didn't step out of the house yesterday, thought I'd walk around today. Ok, by around, I mean the mall, mostly. heehee...

Last stop of the day was H&M, surprise, surprise. Tried on a few items, naturally.

I came really close to buying this top. So close, that I was already at the check-out ready to pay for it, and changed my mind the very last minute. Kinda' bright, eh? I sent this same pic to the hubs and he replied with, "That's loud!" or something to that effect. LOL. It is, isn't it? I do love it, but its brightness is going to limit my options, the more I think about it. At the end, I'm glad I did end up not getting it.

Here are some more that I tried and knew as soon as I put them on, heck no:

... looks like I'm ready to go to bed, no?
Or pregnant?
Or both!
... loved the color but it looked like I had an extra hip
... made me look like I had no butt, a tad big, and too bad too,
coz it was on sale! hehe
And thought I'd post this last one, too.

Ok, I know the Celine tote one is kinda' out of my price range right now, or even the Phillip Lim one, but even if I reallllly want something close, not sure I'll go this route. I guess, people gotta try, right?

So, in short, I walked out of the store empty-handed. YAY! heehee... although prior to walking in to H&M, I did buy some accessories at The Bay. Another YAY, but a totally different kind of YAY. HAH!


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