Sunday, 8 July 2012

Button-up Shirt

Button-up, button-down, really, what's the diff? Is there a diff? O wait, I just looked it up. Button-down  is supposedly for shirts with buttons holding down the collar. So again, I wonder, what's the diff? Or is it just my fashion brain?

Marc Allen shirt (Winners, old!), Della Spiga trousers (Costco),
J Crew belt 

For me, this is one of those outfits that I'm most comfortable in. Why? Dunno. It is comfortable, for starter, no? It's a look culled from years and years spent in a previous (work) life. 'Guess because it is safe too. Safe, yet the possibilities are endless as far as putting your own stamp on it, no? Is it just me?

This was me yesterday. Yes, dressed (a tad(?)) "better" than my usual work clothes, which only means one thing hehe...

Ellen Tracy flats (Winners)

Weather's been FAB! Loving it!

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