Saturday, 31 December 2011

Goodbye 2011...

Me and other sis ended up organizing a last-minute NYE party. Strangely enough, it seems there are more of us out there without any real solid plan for NYE because the evening would now appear to be an intimate gathering of friends. Or maybe it's just us:p

And as the hour draw near, here's to wishing the world new beginnings, new ideas, new opportunities, and renewed hope for 2012!


(Now on to NYE prepping...:p)

Thursday, 29 December 2011

Cobalt Blue, Meet Your Sister, Red

I'm normally not the type of person to buy clothes in multiples. For the most part, anyway, hehe...

But since my cobalt blue jeans have become such a go-to pair, as worn here, here, or here, among the many times I've worn 'em, I realized how much I like 'em (duh), so I figured, when the same style went on sale, why not get them in red too! HAH!

Joe Fresh sweater, AE jeans, Aerosole boots (Winners)

Was that so bad?

Really, the way I see it, I'm getting so much CPW out of the blue, I hope think know I will get the same out of the red.

My sister called this the nudie sweater. Well, it's skin tone color after all. Meh, I like it.

Got this outfit inspiration from last summer. I think. Yah, I know, it's winter now!
courtesy of via Google images

Fortunately, those are the only colors (outside the traditional) I like in them jeans. Otherwise, I would've been in real trouble had I liked them as well in pink, mauve, lilac, etc. Whew!


Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Boxing Day Aftermath

Yesterday, which is becoming an annual tradition, was spent at the mall to "celebrate" Boxing Day. And since it was a day dedicated to shopping, *gasp* I knew I had to be dressed comfortably, and conveniently, y'know, for a quick change, if necessary, to save me a line-up in the fitting room. heehee...

H&M scarf, BR tunic shirt, Urban Planet leggings,
Aerosole boots (Winners) trusted leopard scarf:p

And may I just say the mall, especially by the time we left, was CRAY CRAY busy!!!

But no cray cray-ness can distract us from our mission, that's for sure! HAH!

Damages done:

From top left: Old Navy coat ($7.49!!!:p), Old Navy plaid coat,
Gap puff jacket, and Forever 21 cardi
C'est Chic boots ($20!)
Danier tote
I thought I did ok, not overly crazy, just right. Seriously! I was looking for a puffy jacket, which I got. Granted 2 more were added that wasn't planned, eeek, but I haven't bought a coat in 3 year, if I may add. 3 years!!! And really, these 3 coats, cost me total of $69.50, and that's with tax!!! That's like average of $23 per coat!!! Now that's cray cray, right?!?! LOL

The tote, although not quite planned, was kinda' brewing at the back of my mind, for a loooong while now. Seriously! Eversince I've spotted this Zara tote in one of my fave blogs, Cupcakes and Cashmere, as she used it here, here, and here... hehe... Now, why didn't I just buy the same Zara tote? Guess I could have, but I didn't... for various reasons that only my brain can comprehend:p

So there! Seriously, that's it! Seriously!

Sunday, 25 December 2011

Christmas Day

Well, Christmas Day is winding down...

Now spending time with family...

Esprit plaid shirt, Gap Kids sweater, AE jeggings,
Aerosole boots (Winners)
Hence the change in backdrop:p

I'm very low tech to begin with, can you tell? Hah! So it looks like it'll have to be the camera phone for the next 2 weeks, eeek, since I'm just borrowing family's computer. Having said that, another lesson learned today, no evening outfit photos, heehee... the contrasting hidden detail on the sleeves...

And since I had the prepster look going, I thought I might as well push it all the way...

Gap argyle socks


The next  2 weeks will be spent mostly with family, yay!

What comes after Christmas? Why, Boxing Day! Must. Try. To. Resist... teehee...

Friday, 23 December 2011


... only because I had something red on. HAH!

Esprit hoodie (Ross), Zara sweater,
CK jeans & Born boots (Winners),
AE belt
Not really, I know. Hey, what can I say, it's Friday, my last day of work for the year, it was cold and needed to stay warm, hmmm, any more excuses?

Funny enough, as much as my vacation has officially started and really need to start packing, my brain is still in work mode. Must. Stop. Achhh!

... the hooded hunchback hehehe

Must "hide" from work... teehee...

Just so glad it's Friday... And hey, MERRY CHRISTMAS!!! :)

Thursday, 22 December 2011


Today, all I really cared for when getting ready was that I was warm, including my toes.

Izod cardi (gift from mom), Fruscio shirt (gift from Italy),
7 for All Mankind (Holt Renfrew Last Call),
Patagonia boots (Winners)
It's one of those single-digit temp days, but I'm pretty sure it was in the negative all day!!!

Well, my feet did stay warm:)

And thought I'd wear this necklace again, that I repeat, love, love, love...


Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Channeling 70's Prof

I realize I get days that I need a "theme", sorta, when I get ready in the morning. It doesn't set out to be that way when I first get ready, that's for sure, but as I pull a look together, in the end I start getting an overall feel about the outfit which pushes me towards a "theme".

Is that odd?

THX blazer, Chaus turtleneck,
Ann Taylor Loft cropped tweed trouser
& Born boots (Winners), BR belt,
Nygard cuff (Sears)


I love the lining of this jacket, which is why I thought I'd let it show a little by folding the sleeves.

And although it's not much, also liking the tiny detail on the turtleneck.

Ok, class dismissed!

Tuesday, 20 December 2011

A Touch of Burgundy

Honestly, I'm just so suggestible sometimes. As I was getting ready this morning, I remembered what I came across online yesterday...

...  which reminded me of what I have in my closet.

Roxy sweater & Aerosole boots (Winners),
Esprit shirt,
7 for All Mankind jeans (Holt Renfrew Last Call)
What did I tell ya?... No?...

Hey, I figure, why not! I'll take whatever help I can get, especially when I get days when I seriously have very little intentions of putting effort or thoughts into my outfit.

Thank you, whoever, where ever you are! heehee...

Monday, 19 December 2011

Ode to Danny Zuko

As much as I want to say I've started the countdown to my vacay, I can't, bah! So much work stuff still happening, more bah!

Funny enough, I think my brain has gone on vacay already tho' as far as dressing (up) and getting ready in the morning is concerned.

Poetry cardi & Born boots (Winners),
Paris tee (Fairweather),
AE Outfitter jeans
Was this really the best I could have come up with?!? Sheesh...

Guess I was feeling kinda' retro, in a Grease kinda' retro, but not feeling the girly this morning. So, no Sandy Olsen for me. Instead...


I did put pull my hair back with a band and wore a hoop, does that count? heehee...

See, is my mind on vacay now, or what! Well, it'll be nowhere near as chichi as Paris, but it's even better... it'll be where family is, yay!!!

Saturday, 17 December 2011

Shades of Brown

Better than "being blue" or in "gray area", no? Nyek, nyek, nyek

Simply Manakin blazer and Aerosole boots (Winners),
Gap denim skirt
I was in and out of work yesterday, had some work stuff to attend to, and dinner with friends after, so thought I'd go business on the top, casual on the bottom, a lil bit of lace and bling in the middle to suit the day. Hah!


Cannot tell you how long I've had this necklace. Don't think I'll ever tire of it...

Speaking of tire(d), here's to a weekend of resting!:p

Thursday, 15 December 2011


For whatever reason, the more I'm trying to add color or punch to my outfit, the more I gravitate towards blah colors. What is up with that?

Joe Fresh cable sweater, BR jeans,
Clarks desert boots (Winners)
Cray cray, right?!?!

Yikes, I almost faded into the door there, didn't I? LOL

From The Bay & Sears

Down to the accessories, eeek!!!

Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Back to Business

Been trying to put more energy when dressing up in the morning, believe it or not... Ach, why is it just soooo easy to put something loose and comfy, like you just don't care?!? And why do I work in a place that doesn't even care about dress code?!?

Because I just do...

Anyway, I was away from the office for 2 days, and as I returned today, thought I'd put some bidnes into my work outfit.

Saks Fifth Collection cashmere sweater (Off 5th),
Coupe shirt & Dalia Collection trousers (Winners),
Payless booties

As I headed to work, I thought about how the outfit needed more punch, and probably could have worn a belt and piled on more accessories. But since I couldn't, I wondered how it would have looked like, so...


Ok, it's probably just as well I didn't have time to grab a belt:p

(The Bay)
At least, I have this on... teehee...

Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Another Uniform

If the weather is not enough to remind me of the changing season, my psyche should be, with how I gravitate towards this look.

Rafaella button down shirt, Larry Levine cropped trousers
& Born boots (Winners),
Sutton Studio cashmere sweater (Bloomingdales)

Ach! Can we get any more preppy than this? And dare I say, blah? *gasp*

I can feel it in my bones. Literally. Which is why the main goal is to stay warm. HAH! I know I'm not the first to complain, nor will I be the last, but sometimes, it's just hard to, say, even have a style, in winter, where we live, anyway. What's a girl to do?

Accessorize, I suppose?

(The Bay)

Hey, at the very least, I can say I'm warm, no? 

I figure, how stylish (?) can one be if you're freezing your patutie? That'd just look really sad, I think... Maybe that's wrong thinking. But then again, is it really?

Sunday, 11 December 2011

All Covered Up

Was meeting some friends yesterday for dinner. We originally thought we'd go for a walk first, you know, to build up some appetite:p

So there I was dressed to walk when I got a message saying it's too cold and damp for a walk outdoors. So the walk turned out to be mall-walk. Hah! Figure I might as well change to something "more appropriate" heehee...

Poet cardi & Aerosole boots (Winners),
Esprit shirt, Gap scarf,
Seven for All Mankind jeans (Holt Renfrew Last Call)

True enough, it was cooooold!!! Had to cover up...

Gap toque

... from head to toe!!! That's all imma' say... Brrrr!!!

Saturday, 10 December 2011


Thanks to someone else's recent color obsession, the color got stuck in my head, heehee...

Chapter One blazer, CK jeans
and Helly Hansen boots (Winners),
Gap sweater and tank (Outlet),
JNY necklace (The Bay)

Although not showing, the color even shows on the stripes and lining of the blazer. Thanks, someone else!!! LOL

... love the patina on it the more I wear it...
and the subtle winter pattern on it (as if I need more reminder)

And just like any best laid plan, what I thought would turn out to be a quiet night last night turned out to be otherwise, in  a good way. From a supposedly quiet evening to be spent at home, last minute change of plan made the evening spent at a party. Partyin', partyin', yeah! Yay!:p

And yes, went to the party straight from work. Hah!


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