Tuesday, 17 July 2012


Now that the city is in full shorts mode, I figure I don't want to miss out. Shorts yesterday, why, shorts again today.

Fred David top (Winners), Gap shorts & belt,
Expression flats (The Bay)

I just realize I don't have that many shorts. Not that it makes a big difference, considering where we live. And no, not that I'm looking for any more excuse to shop, ok? hehe And then this top, I actually almost forgot I have it. Talk about really not having any excuse to shop!

How can I forget about this top?! I actually like this one, especially the bow.

Kinda' feeling more pooped than usual. I think I may have caught a virus. It started last Friday with my throat feeling like closing up. I thought it was just an allergy, but I guess not. Ach, who gets sick in the summer?!? Cray cray!

Nah, I just need to rest, that's all...


  1. looks a lil like golfing shorts~


  2. I also like the bow on this top :)




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