Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Seasons Change...

... Feelings change... People change... I'm gonna totally age myself (meh) but remember that Expose song?

Gap jacket, H&M blouse, AE jeggings, Clarks flats (The Bay)

The weather, for starter, is definitely cooler. I think there was even rain at some point. But it's more than that...

My usual office, that I haven't really been in a couple of weeks decided to meet up after work today. After not seeing them for weeks, it felt really nice to spend some time together. And to me, as happy as the event was, what makes it poignant, though I don't dare tell them that 'cause I don't want them to think that I miss them that much (hah!), is the fact that there are changes looming on the horizon. No words spoken about it, but we all know, things will start changing real soon, and it'll be a big change at that. Heck, I'm not even there and I'm feeling it already.

I'm such a sap, aren't I? I don't care. To me, first of all, that's a good sign that I love the people I work with. And besides, there's nothing wrong with that, is there?

Oy, all part of change, eh?... And growth... And learning... *sigh*...

Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Rays of Sunshine

Since I started wearing stripes last week, can't seem to get it out of my system.

Gap shirt, BR belt (Outlet),
For Cynthia skirt & Ellen Tracy flats (Winners)

Today's outfit satisfies that. Plus, with the temp slowly (but surely) cooling off, I'm sorta feeling this pressure to get the most out of (some) summer outfits, hence today's outfit. Pressure from where? Who knows!

BR jean jacket

Strangely enough, I guess the skirt is too white to photograph today skewing the lighting and all (not that older pics are whole lotta better). Didn't seem to have that problem a month or so ago, hmmm...

Oh the problems of vanity... HAH!

Monday, 27 August 2012

Never Mind Today, Let's Just Talk About Yesterday

Today was just an average start of the week. Busy as heck! Bah!

And I was running late, surprise, surprise. Ok, not super late, but late enough that I just put on whatever. Mind you, not that it would look so different than what I've been posting here so far, heck, I'm pretty sure, it was still better than some of the ones I've posted here, but I guess I just couldn't be bothered with taking pictures. So, I thought I'd just post yesterday's outfit...

Jessica seersucker jacket (Sears),
Gap tank & boyfriend roll-up khaki shorts,
J Crew belt, AE sandals

Don't I look like I was ready to go boating or something? hehe And no, didn't go anywhere near the water. We actually went to check out the food truck fest nearby for lunch. O wait, I guess we threaded the sea of people to get to the food trucks we like. HAH!

It was pretty nice for a Sunday kinda' thing. The weather was just right. We got to try different food, all yummy at that. Coffee afterwards, chatting and people-watching. Then a nice stroll home.

Such a nice relaxing day. Nowhere near today's pace. Holding on to that relaxed feeling. Hopefully it'll sustain me for the rest of the week. Wishful thinking, I know... O well.. Is it Friday yet? HAH!

Sunday, 26 August 2012

When Stripes Go Mad

It becomes gingham. No? hehe

BR button-down shirt, J Crew cord skinnies, Old Navy flats

Friday was just a craycray day for me. It flew by fast for sure, which was good 'cause brain was fried at the end of the day. All I could think of was where's the closest liquor store 'cause I gotta get me some wine. HAH!

Haven't had a week that busy in a while, ssshhhh hehe... In the end, guess that's a good thing. Brain juices had to swirl around every now and then, right?

Thursday, 23 August 2012

On a Stripey Roll

Yesterday's striped shirt reminded me of my striped dress which I ended up wearing today. I figure, before summer fades away...

Gap dress & flats, belt (Winners), Tiffany necklace (gift),
bracelets: Expression (The Bay) & H&M (recent purch) 

Oh I know I can still wear this come fall (I can, can't I?) but I want to wear it one more time(?) this season, without any layering. My patutie did get a tad cold, thanks to the a/c at the office, and the unanticipated cooler temp outside. O well...

Oh and I guess it didn't help that I was practically glued to my desk pretty much all day busy with my new responsibility, which meant hardly any moving. Bah! Didn't think I'll be this busy *sigh* Wachoo gonna do...

Got the bow bracelet a few days ago at H&M. I've banned myself from shopping til eternity (ok, at least til the end of the year) but wait, wait, hear me out! Got this $5 card from the last trip and there was no minimum purchase required. So I thought I'd look for something really inexpensive, and found the cutest $6.95 bracelet! Well, isn't it? And seriously, after the $5 off, for what I spent on it, I thought the purchase doesn't really count. Does it?

Wednesday, 22 August 2012

New (Striped) Kid in Town

Actually thought I wouldn't wear this new striped shirt til fall because it isn't short-sleeved after all (it's actually 3/4 sleeves but I know you can't see that). Guess I was wrong.

Gap jacket, H&M shirt (recent purch),
belt & CK jeans (Winners), H&M flats, J Crew bracelet

So the fact that I was able to wear it today, although I hate to admit, means that it's not as warm anymore. Ay yah!!!

Getting really entrenched in my new responsibility at work, my brain's getting saturated with all kinds of information. Love it!

Quite interesting I thought to be seeing the same work from a different angle. I almost feel like a new employee again. Ok, not really. But definitely feels like the new kid in that side of town.

Tuesday, 21 August 2012

End of Summer? Booh!

It's in the air, I can feel it. Nooo!!!

Zara top, Tiffany necklace (gift), J Crew belt,
Gaultier jeans (Winners),
Expression sandals (The Bay)

Well, it is the end of August after all, isn't it? Nevertheless, it still feels a lil weird, while getting for work this morning for example, feeling the slight crispness in the air. But hey, it's still summer as far as I'm concerned. It ain't over til it's over...

This slight change in the weather, it's almost fitting, I suppose, coinciding with the (slight) change at work for me. Just like summer kinda' leaving us now, I'm also kinda' leaving (or just did) my current office/position temporarily. Seasons change...

And of course, first day away from my office, announcements were made for some major change ahead for the office. Cray cray!

Yes, changes, that's what it's all about...

Sunday, 19 August 2012

How Green is My Valley?

Having gone out Thursday and Friday nights, I was kinda feeling pooped by Saturday morning (surprise, surprise). But come Saturday morning, I couldn't quite veg out since I had my volunteer duties. O well... it's for a good cause at least.

button-down shirt, men's reversible belt & Ellen Tracy flats
(all Winners), Gap skirt

I did think I'd devote the rest of the weekend to vegging. Not that I need a reason in the first place. I'm quite good at it, as I'm demonstrating to hubs this weekend. HAH!

And since I'm not working Monday, that's an extra day of vegging, yay! Nah, I do have stuff to do later, or maybe tomorrow...

Friday, 17 August 2012

Is Dot You?

Today was a day of celebration, congratulation,... and (sorta) goodbye. After work, the office celebrated 2 birthdays, also congratulated one of the birthday celebrant for getting her degree, and strangely enough, said a (sorta) goodbye, for me. Yes, me!

H&M top (recent purch), Tiffany necklace (gift)
Arvida skirt & Betsey Johnson belt (Winners),
Expression sandals (The Bay)

As the day wore on today, it occurred to me that I will not see my peeps at the office for a good while. It's because I learned mid-week that I have a new responsibility which in essence means I will be working with a different group of people and office, starting next week.

Honestly, it hasn't quite sunk in yet, that knowledge that I'll be away from the office for a while. I am quite excited as this is an excellent new opportunity for me. At the same time, if it's not quite obvious at this point, I  work with an excellent group of generous, hard-working, supportive and fun people that it'll be weird being pulled away from such an environment. But such is life, eh? Constant flux of change, for sure...

Anyhoot, today is another scorcher. The top that I wore is a recent purchase which I really like. It's got dots after all! I did forget, however, that it is of polyester material. And guess what happens when you wear a synthetic material on a hot day? Yup... But hey, I still really like it hehe...

Thursday, 16 August 2012

Water Safari

Guess the dog days of summer are in full swing. Love it!

H&M dress, AE sandals, Nygard necklace (Sears)

This is another fave dress that I've had for years. Not bad, considering it's H&M (no offense). And every time I wear it, I don't really do much with it other than change my accessories/shoes. How can I? There's a lot going  there already with the print, no?  But it's definitely made getting ready in the morning much more simple.

I love the back details of this dress. Don't think I'll ever get tired of it.

Right after work, the same woman I walked home with yesterday had her birthday celebration today at the beach. Yes, at the beach, nice! It ended being a small group as some people couldn't make it. I'm the only one from work who made it. Then there were her family and a few close friends. It was such a lovely event. Couldn't have asked for better company, weather, location. On a Thursday at that!


Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Option #2

Today promised to be another hot day and since I'm determined to wear as many of my summer clothes, my hands automatically gravitated towards my summer dresses.

CK cardi (Winners), Esprit dress, Joe Fresh sandals

This happened to be dress option #2. What happened to option #1? Well, let's see, while putting it on, side zipper got stuck halfway thru, got hubs to help, hurt his fingers, at which point I suggested to him to use the pliers (yes, pliers, I thought why not), then him managing to pull it up all the way to the end only to have the teeth of the zipper gaped almost to the bottom... So, on to option #2.

And as much as I like this dress, my psyche was not ready to wear this one today. O well. Wachoo gonna do...

And boy was it hot! Ok, not tropical hot, or south-of-our-border kinda hot, but it was still hot. I love it!

Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Summer (Prep) School

Today's outfit feels like a school uniform of some sort. No? hehe

top (old), J Crew bermuda shorts,
Nine West belt (Winners), Old Navy flats

Well, it is, if you're in a prep school, no? Sorta'? Sans blazer, no? Sorta'? HAH!

Well, actually, it is kinda' a uniform for me when all else fails, especially in the summer (duh, shorts in winter? pfft). Button-down shirt, shorts and flats... 

Full day today at work. Meeting in the morning, back to the office in the afternoon, then got news late in the afternoon that I could be working in a different office, again, for the next month or so. Then, pedi after. Ok, the pedi wasn't part of work, but it was still part of my day. Hafta! hehe...

Monday, 13 August 2012

White Eyelet

Not that I've been living under a rock or something, I say I'm more like choosing to ignore it, but it just occurred to me this morning that we are now practically halfway to August. Which means fall is definitely just around the corner. Noooo!!!

Taylor dress (Winners, old), BR belt (Outlet), H&M flats

Then I realized I haven't worn all my summer stuff yet. Noooo!!!

The good thing is I heard it's gonna be a nice week, so for sure, 1 week of summer outfits right there. Watch me gravitate towards fall clothing. HAH!

I've had this dress for a few summers now and last summer, I thought I was done with it, but nope, holding on to it some more, well, at least, for this summer, as you can see. Who knows how I'll feel about it next summer...

Saturday, 11 August 2012

Picnic Table for 1

As soon as I got to work yesterday, first thing I heard was I look cute(?) and my top looks like a picnic table.

Old Navy button-down shirt (recent purch),
Gap reversible men's belt,
CK jeans & Adidas kicks (Winners, old)

Well, it does, doesn't it? HAH! It's funny 'cause that's the very reason why I wasn't a fan of gingham in the past but I obviously got over that.

And funny enough, remarks like that, in my young(er) years, would have sent my insecurities to the forefront that it would've bugged me and made me feel uncomfortable for the rest of the day. Oh, the follies of youth...

Now, I actually thought comments like that are just amusing. Gave me something to write about, for starter. HAH!

This top was purchased over the weekend at the store. It's been going in and out of my virtual cart for months now but never got around to going thru with it. Luck of all luck, it was on clearance at the store and with an additional 20% off thanks to an email alert, I figured I had no other reason not to buy it. Well, that's how I'm justifying it anyways hehe...

Thursday, 9 August 2012

Sunshine, Lollipop...

I don't get it. Been reading some of my regular style/fashion blog reads and they're talking about fall already. Why?!?! Where's the rush?!?

blouse (old, Winners), Gap jegging, Geox flats

Is it just us here in this city? Because of the abundant rain we get, believe me when I say every summer day is savoured. Bring on the sunshine, bring on the fun. Ok, maybe this is all me.

And I say wear the sunshine too... I guess you can say this outfit is like sunshine and lollipop, eh? A (thick-ish) stick and a billowy roundy top hehe... What kind of lollipop? Hmmm, coconut lollipop?



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