Friday, 27 July 2012

The End of The GF Story

So here we are, Friday, last day at the office building where girlfriend, who I've been kinda' matching outfit-wise the last 3 days, also works.

Rafaella top (old), J Crew bermuda shorts (recent purch),
Rudsak belt (Winners), Expression flats (The Bay)

Didn't quite match the black and white she was planning to wear. Her reason was very specific whereas I have none. But seeing it's kinda' the last day, I thought I might as well kinda' match her hehe. The white part, at least.

The shorts may not necessarily be the smartest choice today since it cooled off a bit. And add to that the arctic-like temp at the office where I was sitting. Bah! I do love these shorts tho'. Got it from the most recent J Crew sale. I got an email saying extra 40% off on sale items. When I got to the store, it turned out it was extra 50% off! Apparently, the email I got only applied to US, but who cares, I got a better deal, yay!

Watching a rerun of the Olympics opening ceremony right now... Tomorrow, going to a colleague's place for some barbeque and to watch the fireworks. It better not rain, that's all imma say...

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