Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Wear the (Summer) Rainbow

I figured since Skittles suggests to "taste the rainbow", I thought why not wear it...

CK cardi (Winners), 725 cover-up dress (Walmart)


First, I got this cardi thanks to a fave read.Then after having bought it, I realize I actually liked her entire look so I knew the moment I get a chance, I will do something similar.

Second, yes, it's a cover-up dress. That I wore to work! Is that so bad? (ah, ya-ah *shakes head*) BUT what I like, and want to point out, is that you couldn't tell (Or did I just convince myself that? Well, nobody said anything). It just looks like your normal summer dress. I know I've talked about how casual things are at work, but c'mon, even I have my limits. 

Could I have piled any more colors, you think?

Needless to say, this getup got a lot of comments. I think they were all good. Well, I take them to be good anyway. *grin* Strangely enough, the moment I stepped out of our place, I felt a bit self-conscious. Only for a second though. hehe As I started looking around, all I could see were figures of grays and whites and blacks and tans. For a brief moment, I wondered what happened to the colors. It is summer, people!

RW&Co necklace

J Crew bracelet and bangle

Joe Fresh sandals (recent purch)

Again, is it just me?... Whatever... all I know was that my inside was smiling. End of story...




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