Thursday, 12 July 2012

White on (Almost) White

I thought with all the array of colors I subjected my coworkers to the last couple of days, that I'd give their eyes a break and tone it down.

H&M shirt, Gaultier jeans & Elise M belt (Winners),
RW&Co necklace

I originally thought I'd go for a full-on white on white, but I kinda' balked at the idea last minute. The klutz in me surfaces every now and then, didn't want to take that chance.

'Been really loving the weather. I almost want to ask why can't it be like this ALL the time? But then, would I appreciate it as much as I do now if it's constantly like this. When we lived in LA, having this kind of weather most of the time, did I appreciate it really? Don't remember now. Oh, who am I kidding! I probably did and now wish that it's always this nice. But then again, I know I doubly appreciate it now. And when the temperature dips down again, hey, I can always cozy up with hubs.

bracelets: J Crew and BR, bangle: J Crew
Cole Haan loafers

Meeting some colleagues for dinner tomorrow night, so already looking forward to Friday, without a doubt.


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