Saturday, 30 July 2011


No punch, I know! Not even preppy. Half-preppy? Pre? Harhar... As it was, I was running late, I was late, for an important date...

Lacoste shirt, Gap skirt, Banana Republic belt, Madden sandals,
Matt & Nat purse (gift from sis)

In a nutshell... ta-dah!

This is me, in a polyvore kind of way:) I am most in my comfort zone in this kind of outfit. Is it preppy? Is it preppy with a punch? HAW HAW... Meh, who cares!... I know it's still summer, and no, I'm not this covered up in summer, but just saying... Fall is my most favorite season, can you tell? Bonus part, there are a few milestones around fall that I celebrate/look forward to-- my birthday and my wedding anniversary being the biggest:p...


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