Tuesday, 31 July 2012

How Else to Dress it Up?

In my young(er) years, I've never really been a dress person. I think it was kinda' a backlash from years and years of wearing dress as a child, thanks to mom. I've always considered my style to have a touch of masculine to it, ie, until a friend got me into dresses, again.

RW&Co dress, BR belt (Outlet), H&M flats,
Nygard cuff & J Crew bracelet

Like my friend said, getting "dressed" (get it? hehe) become so easy since there goes your top and bottom.

(probably coulda' ironed this better)

But take this dress tho'. On its own, how do I change the look other than change the accessories, in the summer anyways? And does it really change the look entirely? Who am I kiddding! But then again, does it take away how much I like it? No, not really. So what am I griping about? Actually, I dunno...

Oh dilemma, dilemma... pffft...


  1. LOLZ...your inner goddess dialogues are too cray cray!



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