Saturday, 14 July 2012

Blue and Floral;)

Last night, after work, met some colleagues I haven't seen in a while. For 5 women to get together, it definitely took a bit of an effort. Like someone in the group said, it was like herding cats. Go figure.

Effeti Moda shirt (Winners), H&M pants, AE belt,
Joe Fresh sandals (recent purch)

Let's just say last night's get-together took roughly 50 email correspondences and a few text messages here and there in a span of a month and a half. What was up with that!

But in the end, yes, we finally locked down a date. And what a fun evening!

We met up right after work, so we're talking late afternoon and it just went on and on. It's interesting, to me, that as a group, it was the most unlikely grouping, but with a common experience, the personalities just mesh and the dynamics work for some reason. Unexpected, in a delightful way...

Oh, and these sandals were worn for the first time last night. Let's just say I had to break it in, but for a change I didn't care. I like it, ok. And because I've been on flats for a good while now, I just felt really tall in these babies. Best part, it was only $10! Yay!


  1. Hey, I just got the title....I.AM.SO.SMRT!

  2. You are! It only took you 3 days, how about that! hahahaha



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