Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Mad for Plaid

No, not really. Ok, maybe a tad:p I call this my table-for-two top as it kinda' reminds me of a tablecloth. Just kinda'. But I like it. It's so comfy. It hides a multitude of sins. LOL.

Vamp top and CK jeans (Winners), Clarks flat

Arm candy (gifts, except for the cuff- Anne Klein (The Bay))

May have been too much but hey... I jingled and jangled all day at work. You would have known exactly where I was, all day:)

Necklace (gift)
I've had this necklace for yearsssss!!! Don't think I'll ever tire of it, thankfully.

Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Comfy as I'll ever be

Today was an everywhere kind of day. Had to go on a bit of tour around town for work purposes, obviously. Needed to be comfy. Also, I thought they called for rain today. But it didn't rain. Yay!

Gap jacket, Esprit belt (gift) 
Denver Hayes striped top (Mark's Work Warehouse, I know eh!),
Hudson jeans (Winners), Clarks flats (The Bay)
   I would say this is me at my most comfort level:)

I love these back pockets. I was never the type to pay attention to the pocket details, until a guy friend started pointing out how he looks for those details. I suppose it makes sense, especially for men, as how much details can they put really on their clothes, right? But ever since, I started paying attention to them too.

Best part of this outfit is how much I paid for them. All clearance, baby! From top to bottom, teehee... Can't tell, can ya? The top from Mark's Work (yes, that place!), $5! The icing on the cake, $30 for that Hudson jeans!!! Yes! Am I good or am I good? LOL... Depending who I talked to, funnily enough, people will either cringe or high-five me when I say how much I got it for. But at the end, really, all I care for is how much I like em.

I was comfy, like I said, and I know, can't get any more smart-shopping than that, no? Now how about that! hehe

Rachel Roy ring (The Bay)
It seems I go on this "crop" rotation when it comes to my accessories. As the temp rises, the sleeves rise too which means I can actually see my arm from elbow to wrist when I look at myself in the mirror. Hence, the arm candy. But as the temp drops, how much arm can one show, really? Hence, the rings come out...

Yes, once in a while, I suppose, there's logic to the things I do, or wear...

Monday, 29 August 2011

(Olive) Green with(out) Envy

Guess I'm trying to hold on to summer for as long as I can. The weather, however, did not want to and was ready to move on to the next season.

First thought, as soon as I stepped out, it was cooler than I thought. Bah!

Esprit dress, Blowfish sandals (Little Burgundy),
necklace (gift)


Darn it! Not surprising, I suppose then, that the portable heater at work was put to use. Heater!!! I know!!! And to make the week even sweeter, forecast calls for rain tomorrow. Really? The rest of the week, although may not be hitting 20's, will be sunny. I really hope so. Not quite ready to give up my dresses yet, ie, sans leg cover.  Crossing fingers...

Sunday, 28 August 2011

Tropical Skittles

Met some friends for brunch today, a buffet brunch no less, so we ended up walking after, to kinda' burn what we ate, somewhat. So it turned out to be a day excursion. Boy, was it hot! And loved every minute of it! Came home smelling like the sun:p

BR dress
Nine West belt & Liz Claiborne sandals (Winners)

(clearer image:p)
 Not a bad day to spend a sunny Sunday, I say.

Saturday, 27 August 2011


While black is obviously not the first choice of color on a hot summer day such as today, the eyelet material of this dress, I thought, can make it pass as a summer dress, no?

Regardless, I like its versatility. I've lost count of the number of times I've worn this dress in various ways. How's that for cost-per-wear (CPW), eh?:p

Mas Studio dress (Marshalls), Gap belt,
cuff (The Bay), Madden sandals (Winners)

gift from other sis (from Mexico)
This necklace, to me, is summer. I guess the fact that it was actually a gift from a Mexican trip, how much more summer can it look than that, right? Hello, tropical!

It had to be re-strung already (thanks to the daughter of a friend), which shows how much I've worn it. Again, CPW! hehe...

Thursday, 25 August 2011


Another beautiful day, thank the high heavens!

BR dress (gift), neclace (The Bay)
 I was told I looked like a pixie (go figure:p). I said I want my iridescent wings then haha...

arm candy, my version
Here's to more days of sun... and dresses...

Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Ee -eye- ee- eye- oh

Another day in casual paradise... hehe...

Esprit top, Rampage belt and CK jeans from Winners,
Clarks flat from The Bay
A bunch of us decided to go for a walk today after work, so I thought all I need is a change of shirt and shoes at the end of day. Less weight on the bag too:p... Easy peasy...

Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Here a dress, there a dress

I promised myself I'll try to wear most, if not all, my dresses before summer ends. My hand reached for this when I was getting ready this morning.

Fylo dress from Winners,
lariat necklace from The Bay, arm candy (gifts)
 Haven't worn this dress in a while.

Notice the "pile" of boots in the corner?:p
 Yesterday's rain was a perfect reminder that fall is just around the corner. Those ever present rainboots in our tiny foyer, *sigh*, just further reminds me of that. How many rainboots do I need? Well, this is Vancouver...

Expression flats from The Bay
  I love these flats. I got obsessed one summer looking for nude flats. The moment I was looking for these, I thought they'd be a dime a dozen. Wrong! I searched and searched, as in searched, until finally, I found these. I know I could have gone online, but that's another topic for discussion. And of course, after I bought these, they started popping up again.  This time, everywhere! Argh...

Not sure if they actually went together... meh... Was going to pile some more, but as usual, rushing to leave at this point:p

Monday, 22 August 2011

Rain, rain, go away

Should not be surprising that it's raining today. This is Vancouver after all. The thing is, I thought we'd be spared a few more weeks as we sure get plenty enough of mother nature's water come fall, all the way to spring. Guess not.

Line chunky cardi and Tretorn rainboots from Winners,
BDG jeggings from Urban Outfitters
Canucks shirt (remnant of the "memorable" last season),
bracelets, mini purse (gifts)

Then, a closer look of the bracelets that I piled on...

Top 2, gifts from mom (from the Philippines)
Bottom, gift from other sis (made out of coffee beans from El Salvador)
Of all my bracelets, not counting the cuffs or bangles, these have got to be the most oft used. I love the look of toughness from a distance. Then at closer peek, I love the earthy colors, the ethnic vibe they emit, the Zen-like look of the beads...

This is pretty much me on my off-time. Granted, like I mentioned before, I can go to work in this. Yay! (Or nay?)

Saturday, 20 August 2011

Minty Fresh

Today is a hot day! A tank top and shorts kinda' day, for sure! But I need to look decent to have gone where I went this afternoon, so

Coupe top and Rudsak belt from Winners,
Gap skirt, Expression flats from The Bay
Eeek, kinda' on the shiny side, eh? Don't think it looks that shiny, but am I wrong? Maybe it's just the lighting?:o

Can't recall honestly how long I've had this skirt. As you can see, I'm not quite the trendy type. You think?:p I tend to go for pieces that can carry me thru' seasons after seasons. Once in a while, I will succumb to a trendy piece here or there that I believe works for my age and body type. My only concern is that I hope I don't turn out to be one of those people who think they're wearing something classic but in reality, just dating themselves. Then, next thing I know, I'd be seeing myself in one of my most fave show (What Not to Wear... heehee), ie, if they ever do a Canadian episode again (this time, West Coast pleeeeease:p). On second thought, that may not be such a bad idea, after all. HA!


I must have been more tired than I thought last night. A glass of wine, literally, for dinner, and shortly after I passed out on the couch before I knew it. There I was thinking I'd do my usual surfing (do people still use that word?) and posting after dinner. So much for that...

navy Gap wrap dress, Cole Haan loafers,
neclace (gift from mom), my favorite cuff
BR jean jacket
I really gotta get a better camera hehe...

Thursday, 18 August 2011


Love the fruit, love the color...

Brina & Em top from Winners, BR belt,
Gap denim skirt, Eurostep loafers from The Bay,
These purple loafers also come in burgundy, teehee...

Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Ahoy There!

I guess this is sorta' version #3 of this color combo.

H &M shirt, Esprit shorts, belt from Winners, Clarks flat,
pearl bracelet from mom
Or not. This is navy blue after all (yes, it is navy blue, not black, darn camera), so I guess not really. But it's still blue and white, right? (seen here and here). No?

Guess it's partly inspired by my bag of the summer, the Anya Hindmarch tote (I'm Not a Plastic Bag, circa, what, 2007:p), as seen in an older post.

I don't like the fact that I always have to consider bringing a cover to work in the summer. It's the same, really, every office, as in every office, I've worked at! Darn you, a/c!... I must be starting to sound like a broken record, eh? Oooops...

Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Walking Gap Ad

If there's one store that's always proven to be a fail-safe choice for me, I guess you can say it's Gap. And I suppose Banana Republic (BR) sprinkled in there. Surprise, surprise! Harks back to my university days I guess. In my past work life, I may have stopped buying just because it stopped suiting my business outfit needs. Suit-ing, get it? LOL Plus, the BR suits {un}fortunately didn't fit my body type.

But now that I am in a casual work environment, the love affair started again (although hoping that it's stopped once more:p). I might as well have just bought company stocks and probably have spent the same. Not sure how their stocks are doing right now though... hehe...

Today's a perfect example.

All from Gap, but for the shoes (Clarks from The Bay) and cuffs. Wait, I haven't shown you some of my BR accessories, have I? Oh, you may have seen them in some older posts... teehee

Monday, 15 August 2011

Hastily in Paisley

No, I wasn't running late again. Well, relatively speaking, lol. Been trying to wear my dresses, like I mentioned before. Although I'm noticing now that the mornings are cooler. And, the sun seems to be setting earlier and earlier by the day, waaaaaahhh!!!

Esprit dress, nude flats from The Bay,
turquoise necklace from ?, bracelet from Mexico (gift)
 Don't ask me why I was standing like that. Just say, I was going for the mannequin look, harhar...

Banana Republic denim jacket
 Needed the jacket for the cool-ish temperature in the office, as usual...

Day turned out to be b-e-a-u-tiful, yay!

Saturday, 13 August 2011


Sheesh, even my clothes remind me of food, eh? That's seriously the first thing that came to mind seeing my reflection on the mirror. Olive oil... haha...

Gap shirt, Banana Republic shorts and belt,
Esprit scarf, Blowfish sandals

 I realize this might be the only time this season that I get to wear my short shorts. Who wears short shorts? I wear short shorts! Well, it's not quite short shorts, I know, thank god. I can almost feel summer slipping away, slowly, but surely. Gotta get as much out of it as I could...

Friday, 12 August 2011

Yassou! Ti Kanete?

Hello! How are you?... I just realized I was a walking Greek flag today. LOL.

What can I say? I like the blue and white combo :)

Taylor dress & Ellen Tracy flats from Winners,
Gap belt, Esprit scarf,
Anya Hindmarch tote, bangles (gifts)
I almost forgot I have this tote, as I haven't used it in a while. I like how much crap I can pack in it hehe... but see, I rarely change purse, when really, I should, could, as I have all these other nice purses. Why don't I? Hmmm, lemme think, it's maybe because I forget half of my stuff when I do. Ach! Seriously! I don't know why. Like this one, I forgot my house keys. The other time, I forgot my phone. I know, how can I, right? but I apparently can...

Anyway, it also occurred to me that we are now in double-digit dates of August! Ach, where is the summer going?!?! I thought I better start wearing my dresses. With no tights or boots!

Meeting some girlfriends for lunch tomorrow. Maybe I'll wear another dress, we'll see... Before it starts raining. Again.

Thursday, 11 August 2011

My I-dont-care-what-I-wear day

... coz I was running late, that's why! I forgot to turn the alarm on last night. So I overslept this morning, big surprise. Thankfully, hubby was free this morning. First word out my mouth, not "Good morning", but "Can I get a ride?" heehee...

Esprit tunic top and scarf,
Rock & Republic jeans (gift from Mom),
Aldo oxfords, bracelets (gifts:p)
I was only few minutes late, whew! Yet I still managed to take this pic, as hubby pointed out to me. Of course!... Not that it really mattered what time I came, but I like coming in at a certain time, that's all...

Blasted a/c at work! Thank god I was smart enough to bring the scarf with me...

Wednesday, 10 August 2011

4th of July

Red, white, and blue, stars over you... LOL

I really like the blue and white combo for summer.

reese witherspoon brentwood, reese witherspoon sweet rose creamery
courtesy of

This reminds me of my university days, hangin' out with friends in some pub on a muggy summer day. I might not have rocked it as well as Reese Witherspoon did in this picture, but if I remember correctly, it was pretty close, HAH! Pffft!

I just find it fresh on the eye on a nice hot day. Mind you, today was not so hot (again! bah!). Anyway, using this as my spring board (with a twist, sorta')...

Effeti Moda top and Gaultier jeans from Winners,
Gap belt, flats from Payless

Consider this before and after. Coz by the end of the day, that belt was gone! (teehee)

Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Sheer power

Not sure when it started but next thing I know, I have all these billowy tops occupying space in my closet. Out of all of them, I guess this is my favorite. Love the florette details:) I guess I can be girly girl every now and then teehee

Black Rainn top from Winners, Esprit pants,
Kenneth Cole shoes,
bangles (gift, from India)
This shoes, {un}fortunately, is not part of my normal rotation. When I put it on earlier, I thought it really should. Then, guess what happened! I changed shoes! HAHA... I really should know better! I've talked about it before... So came out the black flats (as seen here):p

Also as it turned out, not the most summery day today. All I can say is thank god for wraps!
Pashmina wrap (gift from Mom, ancient years ago)

Monday, 8 August 2011

Errand day

Had to run some errands today. I'll be the first to say that this outfit does not merit posting. So why am I posting it? I'm posting it because it occurred to me that I could have very well worn this to work. Yes! Seriously, I can! Guess that's one perk when you're working in a very casual environment. But I try not to go super casual. It can become a slippery slope, that's for sure.

Gap shirt, cropped cargo pants from Winners,
Clarks flats, Gucci shades (gift from another sis:p)
I'm trying something different with my shots, obviously:p We'll just see how it goes... or how I feel...

Saturday, 6 August 2011

Safari-inspired (?)

As the city basks in the summer sun, my jungle, the city jungle, that is, comes alive with people on the prowl for who-knows-what. I felt I should look the part at least... LOL

Old Navy dress shirt, necklace from The Bay, belt from Winners,
leather cuff from Blue Ruby, Gap purse, Blowfish sandals
This is the cuff up close. I love it!!! It's like sending positive messages to the universe unobtrusively... Hey, I think any one of us can you use one of those messages every now and then, no?

Friday, 5 August 2011


A tribute, from one who's neither a mom nor on the go...

H&M shirt, Gap belt (turning out to be by summer belt:p), Kensie shorts,
Jones NY necklace, Clarks flats and beaded bracelets (gifts)

Well, guess summer's really here! About time!!!

Thursday, 4 August 2011

Bleu et pourpre

Eversince I saw this picture, I knew I had to try it. Whodathunk! Thanks, Blake Lively!:) Melikey!

courtesy of

I'm not necessarily a big fan of Blake Lively's style, but I love the boldness here in the color combination. If I recall correctly, she doesnt' have a stylist. Or does she? Regardless, the most unlikely color combination in my head ended up looking fab on her.

Gap dress & belt, necklace gift from many moons ago, Matt & Nat purse (again:p)
bracelet from The Bay (can't remember the label), Guess ballet flats

Had to tweak it a "tad" for work, you know. Harhar! As I put this outfit on, it occurred to me that I may have more than one purple accessory. Nice surprise, although you probably cannot see it in the picture, is that it's as if my bracelet was made to go with my shoes. Yay! See, it doesn't take much to please me...

One thing I realized too is that I definitely need a new camera, or a new mirror, whichever cost less and will make me look thin magically hahahahaha

Wednesday, 3 August 2011

You are my sunshine

Days like today make me appreciate my work more. The fact that we can pretty much wear anything, especially on a hot day like today is a big plus, as far as I'm concerned. And since i had a deck party to go to after work to watch the fireworks, I thought it suited me just fine.

Gap shirt and snakeskin belt, Gaultier white jeans from Winners
Kenneth Cole and Banana Republic bracelets, Expression ballet flat from The Bay
(not shown, Anya Hindmarch "I'm not a plastic bag" tote:p)

Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Lazing around

Believe me, as I've really just been home the last couple o' days, nobody would want to see what I've been wearing. Heck, even I don't want to see...


... teehee...

Monday, 1 August 2011

Maxi(mum) coverage

Decided to watch the Pride Parade today. Then, as the weather got nicer, decided to walk around a bit as well. It's nice to play tourist in your own city once in a while.

Apologizing ahead of time for the quality of the image...

Dress from Winners, Banana Republic necklace

And just in case the temperature was cooler than I thought, which it was, thought better comfy than goosebump-y.

Tignanello purse, another gift from sis:)


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