Wednesday, 4 July 2012

"Grey" Skies Are Gonna Clear Up

Slowly but surely, I guess summer, in this corner of the world, has finally hit its stride. We're not quite there yet, but hey no rain, mild temperature, sun, blue skies, I say we're almost there.

Courtney jacket (old), J Crew boatneck shirt(recent purch),
BR jeans

Got this shirt over the weekend, one of those summer sales stuff, and I think I may have just found a new fave shirt. Yes, I know, it's just a shirt. But me like! hehe

Funny enough, considering it's only a shirt, I've gotten compliments on it. What does that mean? I know I've dressed better (yes, I have, ok? hah!), but a shirt, really? People are just strange sometimes. But hey, it was a compliment after all, right?

Day was busy, as usual. People to talk to, phone calls to return. Not bad at all, even despite the not-so-nice last phone call of the day. Hey, in my head, it's not personal, just business. Water of my back, I think anyways.

Nygard cuff (Sears), J Crew bracelet (also a recent purch:p)

Can't believe it's now July. Next thing you know, fall is here. Eeek!

Geox flats

But for now, can't wait for Friday. Other than the obvious, I heard it's gonna be a nice sunny hot day. Finally!!!!

I can hear that song in my head... Are you ready for the summer, are you ready for some good time...

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