Monday, 9 July 2012

No Difference

Despite the fact that I've been working for 4 years where I am now, I still sometimes can't get over the fact how casual we (I) can get with (my) work outfits.

Jessica top (Sears), CK jeans (Winners),
Aldo tote and belt

Take today, for example. This is me, not working. Yet, I might as well be at work with this look. Kinda' sad. And kinda' nice too, I think. Although I can still remember a time when I used to look forward to the weekend so I can wear my weekend clothes. Since I was pretty much in suits on weekdays, I enjoyed the times I was able to bring out my jeans, for example, and my casual shirts.

Not anymore, obviously. Now, the suits have been relegated to a corner of the closet(s), and there are no longer any distinction between workday and weekend as far as outfits are concerned. Mind you, you should see some of my weekend wear now (eeeep). Slippery slope, I know.

Soludos for J Crew espadrilles (recent purch)

In the end I guess, that's not really a bad thing at all. I can utilize most of what's in my closet now practically everyday, as opposed to only using a portion of it some of the time. How un-smart is that?

That's my excuse anyway, and I'm sticking to it...



  1. LOLZ....
    Anyhoo, cute bag:)

  2. haha, I think getting dressed up for work is great bc it looks more professional, but you won't hear me complaining at the chance to wear whatever my heart desires (within reason). :)

    Love the bright colours of your bag!!


  3. I do try, honestly:p, to put some effort but seriously, with the kind of work I do, it's almost, just almost, not beneficial sometimes, yes, believe it or not... and I do love that purse:)... thnx, ladies!



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