Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Bubblegum Pink

Another stab at bright colors.

Joe Fresh shirt (recent purch), Nygard cuff (Sears),
For Cynthia linen skirt & Elise M belt (Winners),
H&M flats

Sorry, just can't help wearing these bright colors. The long winter we've had musta' really done a number on my fashion brain.

I love the pinkness of this shirt. I normally don't like baby pink shades since it washes me out, but this shade has enough brightness to it, I thought.

It was quite a productive day. Three of us at work did our bimonthly blood donation. Always a perfect excuse to go for dinner after. Gotta replenish that iron after all, no?

Best part, and considering I didn't work on Monday, hump day! HAH!... Weekend, almost there...


  1. Ooooo...this outfit is another fave. I really really like that top!



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