Sunday, 22 July 2012

Grass is Greener...

Rain came this weekend, as predicted (for a change). Although it wasn't the most welcome sight, it did cool off the city a bit. A few more days of the heat and I woulda' been whining like the folks back east hehe. I know, I know, can't win, eh?

Attitude top & Nygard necklace (Sears),
Gap cropped trousers, Aldo flats

Did my small good deed yesterday, and just resting today. I think whatever I was feeling since Friday before last has finally caught up with me. Never fails, the way I get sick, on weekends! What's up with that! *shrug*

Felt a lil weird wearing such a saturated color in summer, but yesterday's weather was not typical summer weather, so I thought it was ok...

I'll be working in a different office for the next 2 weeks. Should be fun...

I think imma rest up now...


  1. Your shirt is so pretty! The green colors are so nice!!
    I would love for you to visit my blog sometime!!

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