Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Match-y, Match-y

I guess having the nice weather over the weekend was more than we can ask for this time of the year. As if right on cue, it was glum the first day back to work. *pout*

AE button-down, Gaultier jeans & Elise M belt (Winners),
H&M flats

I felt, deep in my bones(?), that I just gotta' wear colors today. I just couldn't bring myself to grab the drab colors out of my closet. Nope. Especially knowing that the rain will be coming back starting tomorrow.

Somehow, even though it's not the smartest thing, my sartorial brain feels like it's had enough of winter stuff. Somehow, it just feels wrong to even look at the sweaters and tights and layers.

Oh, I know I'm just deluding myself. One of these days, the temp's probably gonna dip a few more times and I'd just automatically reach for those warm cozy winter stuff. Bah!

BR trench

See, I couldn't even bring myself to put on a winter coat. Is it just me? It's as if my brain has reached a winter saturation point. Hmmm...

(The Bay)

I realized you're not really supposed to match things anymore. And I know I do, today. And things're supposed to just go with each other. But I couldn't help it, ok! heehee 

I thought the shirt had so much going on with it already, I thought I'd just pull colors from it. Granted I only really pulled a couple of colors, which are the most dominant ones to begin with. Meh...

Tiffany necklace (going-away gift, many moons ago)

There, I toned it down with the necklace. Believe me, I probably could have repeated the violet and orange combo in my neckwear too. HAH!



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