Tuesday, 24 April 2012

You Know How It Goes...

This week, it seems my case of Monday-itis has extended to Tuesday morning.

H&M tunic top, NIne West belt and CK jeans (Winners),
Aldo flats

Got up a little later than I should have, surprise, surprise. Funny enough though, I left right on time and got to work a tad earlier. Go figure. Guess it isn't Monday anymore, after all.

scarf (old, Winners)

But because I didn't have enough time getting ready, some things did have to be sacrificed. Quick, easy, and comfortable was the name of the outfit game today.

You know how it goes...

A lot of interesting stuff at work. But then again, with my line of work, interesting is as normal gets.

Today's outfit title would have been "black and pink", but I figure you can see already see that. HAH!


  1. Oh girl, I have a case of the Mondays at least twice a week, haha. I adore your berry-hued accessories!

  2. Well, even with the Monday-nitis, at least, you look good!

  3. Good to know it's not just me:p... thnx ladies!



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