Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Blah Day!

Yes, that kind of day. Blah!

Gap button-down shirt, belt and trousers,

So is my outfit, clearly.

Shoulda' figured when I woke up this morning, after sleeping through the alarm. Gray clouds through out the day, rain coming by mid-day, coming home realizing trousers damp from the walk home, in the rain.


H&M flats

One good thing, I had enough foresight to bring my runners. One small consolation, walking home.

(old!!, gift from an old coworker from India)

Work itself was just fine, fortunately. So-so, but just fine.

So much for hump day...

This particular short work week I guess is kinda' messing me up, with Easter Monday and all. Not sure why. And I'm not even gonna be at the office this Friday, so really a very short work week. And rather than feeling rested and not really care til Friday comes, the opposite has happened. Blah!

Is it Friday yet?



  1. I like this outfit...not blah at all! And OMG! I thought Tuesday was Monday too, so it screwed me up big time...bwahaha!

  2. Aww, but wasn't it better realizing you have less days in the week?:p



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