Monday, 16 April 2012

Where's Waldo's Cousin?

Woke up this morning to a typical Vancouver spring weather. Gray, cool and wet.

BR sweater and necklace, Nine West belt, CK jeans
and Tommy Hilfiger booties (Winners)

Guess not time yet to put away sweaters. Not just yet.

Just as well I got this sweater yesterday at BR, and on clearance at that! heehee 

A girl at work told me my sweater reminded her of Waldo. Sans beanie, of course. I told her she can take a picture of me at different parts of the office then we can test everybody. HAH!

The sun did come out eventually, unexpectedly. Which made the walk home quite nice.

Oh and did I mention there was a problem with the train this morning? Which made me late? Which was great, especially on a Monday morning! Best way to start the week, I tell ya.


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