Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Hump Day

... or something else, where I work, at least once a month.

Nicole Miller cardi, Gap shirt, BR jeans,
Tommy Hilfiger boots (Winners)

I like talking cryptic every now and then. Actually, I've been told that I'm too cryptic sometimes. Even by hubs heehee

Came home and I just felt really exhausted. I thought I'd actually just plop myself on the couch for few minutes to relax a bit before dinner. Few minutes my behind! pffftt And now here I am later in the evening, no dinner prepped yet. And what am I doing? Doing my post, that's what!

(The Bay)
People may not understand it, including hubs sometimes, but writing, whether this blog or not, just relaxes me. 

And now I'm ready to make some chow...

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