Sunday, 8 April 2012

Easter Mass

Happy Easter!

H&M blouse, Gap trousers
(Is that an undone button I see?!?)

Thought I'd wear something different than jeans. It is Easter after all. But still not that warm for a dress unfortunately, I thought.

Funny how casual church has become these days. I even saw these father and son last Friday in track pants. Not that I go looking for those things. They just happened to stand in front of me, that's all. Seriously, just an observation, no judgment...

Geox flats (Nordstrom Rack, almost 3 summers ago)

Decided last minute to change shoes. So I switched to the next one.

Naturalizer (old)

I shouldn't have:( Not sure what happened but it just wasn't comfortable at all! Bah! Shoulda' stuck with the first one. Live and learn, I suppose...

RW & Co necklace (recent purch)

Getting dressed up for Easter, not that I totally did as you can see, takes me back to my childhood when my mom would put me and sisses in our froufrou dresses. Not that it lasted long heehee

Anyhoot, off to the kitchen now to make our Easter dinner...


  1. I remember when BF and I got gifted tickets to see the symphony once, we got all dolled up and was sooooo disappointed when other people showed up in jeans and tees - I think we may getting way too cas!

  2. I agree! Makes you hanker for those days when people dressed up and certain things were meant to be "events", eh? Just kinda'...:p



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