Thursday, 19 April 2012

Gingham Cracker

I like plaids. Any plaid. So guess it just makes sense that I'm getting into gingham now too.

Gap jacket and belt, BR button-down shirt, RW&Co necklace,
7 for All Mankind jeans (Costco), Two Lips shoes (Winners)

Someone at work told me I look like I'm in mourning, so I pointed to my shoes and my necklace. And shortly after, I also realized that my shirt is not even black. It's navy. People are just strange sometimes. heehee

Another usual busy day at work. Not hectic. Just regular busy. Does that make it better?

A bunch of us were supposed to go to the blood bank after work to donate but one of the girls got a call saying they had a flood issue so all the afternoon appointments had to be cancelled. First image that popped in our heads was the scene from The Shining, when the hotel hallway started filling with blood. Are we terrible or what! But we all thought it was funny. Not funny ha-ha, just kinda ironic funny, no? HAH!


  1. Heehee...The Shining...
    And hello! That is obviously not black! :P

  2. Or, as Bart said, The Sheening LOL... and funny enough, after I bought it, I actually thought it was black, must be the lighting, then I realized shortly after that it wasn't:p



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