Monday, 2 April 2012

What a Doozie of a Day!

Well, today it happened. This (major) system change at work. That's all imma say!

Poetry shell (Winners), BR Heritage tunic shirt,
Rock&Republic jeans (gift from mom),
Converse leather Chucks
Thought I'd come earlier than usual, you know, just to prep myself, then thinking that for once, I might be able to leave on time at the end of the day. Yah right!

I also did think that I wanted to be (super) comfy since I wasn't sure how much running around I'd be doing. Well-placed thought, I realized by the end of the day.

Love the details on this shirt, and I realized I haven't been wearing it as often... hmmm, I really must start clearing out my closet...

And since it's a short week, thanks to Good Friday, my question now is, is it Thursday yet?




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