Thursday, 5 April 2012

A (Small) Sigh of Relief

HOORAH for the weekend!!!... aaahhhh...

F21 cardi, Esprit shirt, CK jeans and Elise M belt (Winners),
C'est Chic boots (Designer Depot)

Today was a busy day, not a frenetic busy day but more like good busy day, that it went by fast. Thank god! Although I did think that I'd leave on time, for a change (yes, still wishful thinking), with this stat holiday(S) and all, but alas, no.

Wah-wah-wah... But it's all good, I say. Hear, hear, the weekend is here! That's all imma focus on.

No real plans for the weekend, really, and I am just fiiiine with that. There'll be church for Good Friday and Easter, the rest will probably be boring just doing chores and what-have-yous, but did I mention it's a long weekend? Oh, yes, I did. HAH!



  1. Happy long weekend:) And love the colour combo of the cardi with the shirt.

  2. so stylish<3
    love the cardigan
    btw lets follow each other



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