Monday, 27 August 2012

Never Mind Today, Let's Just Talk About Yesterday

Today was just an average start of the week. Busy as heck! Bah!

And I was running late, surprise, surprise. Ok, not super late, but late enough that I just put on whatever. Mind you, not that it would look so different than what I've been posting here so far, heck, I'm pretty sure, it was still better than some of the ones I've posted here, but I guess I just couldn't be bothered with taking pictures. So, I thought I'd just post yesterday's outfit...

Jessica seersucker jacket (Sears),
Gap tank & boyfriend roll-up khaki shorts,
J Crew belt, AE sandals

Don't I look like I was ready to go boating or something? hehe And no, didn't go anywhere near the water. We actually went to check out the food truck fest nearby for lunch. O wait, I guess we threaded the sea of people to get to the food trucks we like. HAH!

It was pretty nice for a Sunday kinda' thing. The weather was just right. We got to try different food, all yummy at that. Coffee afterwards, chatting and people-watching. Then a nice stroll home.

Such a nice relaxing day. Nowhere near today's pace. Holding on to that relaxed feeling. Hopefully it'll sustain me for the rest of the week. Wishful thinking, I know... O well.. Is it Friday yet? HAH!

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