Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Option #2

Today promised to be another hot day and since I'm determined to wear as many of my summer clothes, my hands automatically gravitated towards my summer dresses.

CK cardi (Winners), Esprit dress, Joe Fresh sandals

This happened to be dress option #2. What happened to option #1? Well, let's see, while putting it on, side zipper got stuck halfway thru, got hubs to help, hurt his fingers, at which point I suggested to him to use the pliers (yes, pliers, I thought why not), then him managing to pull it up all the way to the end only to have the teeth of the zipper gaped almost to the bottom... So, on to option #2.

And as much as I like this dress, my psyche was not ready to wear this one today. O well. Wachoo gonna do...

And boy was it hot! Ok, not tropical hot, or south-of-our-border kinda hot, but it was still hot. I love it!

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