Wednesday, 22 August 2012

New (Striped) Kid in Town

Actually thought I wouldn't wear this new striped shirt til fall because it isn't short-sleeved after all (it's actually 3/4 sleeves but I know you can't see that). Guess I was wrong.

Gap jacket, H&M shirt (recent purch),
belt & CK jeans (Winners), H&M flats, J Crew bracelet

So the fact that I was able to wear it today, although I hate to admit, means that it's not as warm anymore. Ay yah!!!

Getting really entrenched in my new responsibility at work, my brain's getting saturated with all kinds of information. Love it!

Quite interesting I thought to be seeing the same work from a different angle. I almost feel like a new employee again. Ok, not really. But definitely feels like the new kid in that side of town.

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