Saturday, 11 August 2012

Picnic Table for 1

As soon as I got to work yesterday, first thing I heard was I look cute(?) and my top looks like a picnic table.

Old Navy button-down shirt (recent purch),
Gap reversible men's belt,
CK jeans & Adidas kicks (Winners, old)

Well, it does, doesn't it? HAH! It's funny 'cause that's the very reason why I wasn't a fan of gingham in the past but I obviously got over that.

And funny enough, remarks like that, in my young(er) years, would have sent my insecurities to the forefront that it would've bugged me and made me feel uncomfortable for the rest of the day. Oh, the follies of youth...

Now, I actually thought comments like that are just amusing. Gave me something to write about, for starter. HAH!

This top was purchased over the weekend at the store. It's been going in and out of my virtual cart for months now but never got around to going thru with it. Luck of all luck, it was on clearance at the store and with an additional 20% off thanks to an email alert, I figured I had no other reason not to buy it. Well, that's how I'm justifying it anyways hehe...


  1. Love your top! It's a super cute picnic table-top!
    A's Fashion Files



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