Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Summer (Prep) School

Today's outfit feels like a school uniform of some sort. No? hehe

top (old), J Crew bermuda shorts,
Nine West belt (Winners), Old Navy flats

Well, it is, if you're in a prep school, no? Sorta'? Sans blazer, no? Sorta'? HAH!

Well, actually, it is kinda' a uniform for me when all else fails, especially in the summer (duh, shorts in winter? pfft). Button-down shirt, shorts and flats... 

Full day today at work. Meeting in the morning, back to the office in the afternoon, then got news late in the afternoon that I could be working in a different office, again, for the next month or so. Then, pedi after. Ok, the pedi wasn't part of work, but it was still part of my day. Hafta! hehe...


  1. I secretly adore bermuda shorts in cotton!

  2. We never wore bermuda shorts in school!:P Like it anyhoo.

    1. I did say sorta, didn't I? haha... thnx:)



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