Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Comfy as I'll ever be

Today was an everywhere kind of day. Had to go on a bit of tour around town for work purposes, obviously. Needed to be comfy. Also, I thought they called for rain today. But it didn't rain. Yay!

Gap jacket, Esprit belt (gift) 
Denver Hayes striped top (Mark's Work Warehouse, I know eh!),
Hudson jeans (Winners), Clarks flats (The Bay)
   I would say this is me at my most comfort level:)

I love these back pockets. I was never the type to pay attention to the pocket details, until a guy friend started pointing out how he looks for those details. I suppose it makes sense, especially for men, as how much details can they put really on their clothes, right? But ever since, I started paying attention to them too.

Best part of this outfit is how much I paid for them. All clearance, baby! From top to bottom, teehee... Can't tell, can ya? The top from Mark's Work (yes, that place!), $5! The icing on the cake, $30 for that Hudson jeans!!! Yes! Am I good or am I good? LOL... Depending who I talked to, funnily enough, people will either cringe or high-five me when I say how much I got it for. But at the end, really, all I care for is how much I like em.

I was comfy, like I said, and I know, can't get any more smart-shopping than that, no? Now how about that! hehe

Rachel Roy ring (The Bay)
It seems I go on this "crop" rotation when it comes to my accessories. As the temp rises, the sleeves rise too which means I can actually see my arm from elbow to wrist when I look at myself in the mirror. Hence, the arm candy. But as the temp drops, how much arm can one show, really? Hence, the rings come out...

Yes, once in a while, I suppose, there's logic to the things I do, or wear...


  1. hudson jeans lovelovelove




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