Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Here a dress, there a dress

I promised myself I'll try to wear most, if not all, my dresses before summer ends. My hand reached for this when I was getting ready this morning.

Fylo dress from Winners,
lariat necklace from The Bay, arm candy (gifts)
 Haven't worn this dress in a while.

Notice the "pile" of boots in the corner?:p
 Yesterday's rain was a perfect reminder that fall is just around the corner. Those ever present rainboots in our tiny foyer, *sigh*, just further reminds me of that. How many rainboots do I need? Well, this is Vancouver...

Expression flats from The Bay
  I love these flats. I got obsessed one summer looking for nude flats. The moment I was looking for these, I thought they'd be a dime a dozen. Wrong! I searched and searched, as in searched, until finally, I found these. I know I could have gone online, but that's another topic for discussion. And of course, after I bought these, they started popping up again.  This time, everywhere! Argh...

Not sure if they actually went together... meh... Was going to pile some more, but as usual, rushing to leave at this point:p



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