Monday, 29 August 2011

(Olive) Green with(out) Envy

Guess I'm trying to hold on to summer for as long as I can. The weather, however, did not want to and was ready to move on to the next season.

First thought, as soon as I stepped out, it was cooler than I thought. Bah!

Esprit dress, Blowfish sandals (Little Burgundy),
necklace (gift)


Darn it! Not surprising, I suppose then, that the portable heater at work was put to use. Heater!!! I know!!! And to make the week even sweeter, forecast calls for rain tomorrow. Really? The rest of the week, although may not be hitting 20's, will be sunny. I really hope so. Not quite ready to give up my dresses yet, ie, sans leg cover.  Crossing fingers...

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