Monday, 22 August 2011

Rain, rain, go away

Should not be surprising that it's raining today. This is Vancouver after all. The thing is, I thought we'd be spared a few more weeks as we sure get plenty enough of mother nature's water come fall, all the way to spring. Guess not.

Line chunky cardi and Tretorn rainboots from Winners,
BDG jeggings from Urban Outfitters
Canucks shirt (remnant of the "memorable" last season),
bracelets, mini purse (gifts)

Then, a closer look of the bracelets that I piled on...

Top 2, gifts from mom (from the Philippines)
Bottom, gift from other sis (made out of coffee beans from El Salvador)
Of all my bracelets, not counting the cuffs or bangles, these have got to be the most oft used. I love the look of toughness from a distance. Then at closer peek, I love the earthy colors, the ethnic vibe they emit, the Zen-like look of the beads...

This is pretty much me on my off-time. Granted, like I mentioned before, I can go to work in this. Yay! (Or nay?)

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