Thursday, 4 August 2011

Bleu et pourpre

Eversince I saw this picture, I knew I had to try it. Whodathunk! Thanks, Blake Lively!:) Melikey!

courtesy of

I'm not necessarily a big fan of Blake Lively's style, but I love the boldness here in the color combination. If I recall correctly, she doesnt' have a stylist. Or does she? Regardless, the most unlikely color combination in my head ended up looking fab on her.

Gap dress & belt, necklace gift from many moons ago, Matt & Nat purse (again:p)
bracelet from The Bay (can't remember the label), Guess ballet flats

Had to tweak it a "tad" for work, you know. Harhar! As I put this outfit on, it occurred to me that I may have more than one purple accessory. Nice surprise, although you probably cannot see it in the picture, is that it's as if my bracelet was made to go with my shoes. Yay! See, it doesn't take much to please me...

One thing I realized too is that I definitely need a new camera, or a new mirror, whichever cost less and will make me look thin magically hahahahaha

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