Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Walking Gap Ad

If there's one store that's always proven to be a fail-safe choice for me, I guess you can say it's Gap. And I suppose Banana Republic (BR) sprinkled in there. Surprise, surprise! Harks back to my university days I guess. In my past work life, I may have stopped buying just because it stopped suiting my business outfit needs. Suit-ing, get it? LOL Plus, the BR suits {un}fortunately didn't fit my body type.

But now that I am in a casual work environment, the love affair started again (although hoping that it's stopped once more:p). I might as well have just bought company stocks and probably have spent the same. Not sure how their stocks are doing right now though... hehe...

Today's a perfect example.

All from Gap, but for the shoes (Clarks from The Bay) and cuffs. Wait, I haven't shown you some of my BR accessories, have I? Oh, you may have seen them in some older posts... teehee



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