Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Purple and Orange

Just hearing those 2 colors together, I already smile. Purple? Fave. Orange? Fave.

AE button-down shirt, Gap belt, Tissot watch (Xmas gift fr hubs),
CK jeans (Winners), Clarks flats (The Bay)

This is kinda' another uniform for me. Kinda'? Who am I kidding? It is.

Weather seem to be picking up nicely. A quiet productive day at work. And that's good. I think I have energy to last me the week, for a change. Hah!

Well, I would need the energy as 3 of us at work are responsible for someone's retirement party happening this Friday. I better have the energy, no? I'm quite looking forward to it, and I really hope the retiree will have a rollicking heck of a time. Crossing fingers...


  1. Ooooo...like this colour combo too:)

  2. A button down with shorts is pretty much my uniform during summer, so I see no issues with a button down with jeans for yours - casual, still put-together and sublimely comfy!



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