Thursday, 14 June 2012

Sign Here, Please

Just so happy that tomorrow's Friday. That's all imma say.

scarf (some random mall store), BR jean jacket,
Joe Fresh shirt, Khaki & Co pants (old) and
Clarks desert boots (Winners)

Feels like I'm channeling a bike messenger with this outfit. Can I even use the word  "channel" in that sentence? Meh...

Going out with colleagues tomorrow night for some drinks to celebrate. People finishing their training, people transferring to different offices, people transferring in from different offices... Ach, so many changes!

watch (dad's), leather cuff (gift), bracelet (BR)

What's that they say? The only thing constant is change? Never rang truer with what's happening at work. Such is (work) life...


  1. Arm party!!! Hey, where's the book on how wear them? Bwahaha...

  2. I know, eh! I need help, pleeeease! hehehe



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