Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Basic is as Basic does

Monday is always an odd day for me when it comes to getting ready in the morning. Some people are usually more inspired in the beginning of the week, what with the fresh start,  the new possibilities, new challenges(?). Me? More like, meh, it's the end of another weekend, is it Friday yet? Hah!

Gap shirt (super old), belt (old, Ross), Old Navy jeans,
Clarks desert boots (Winners)

Yes, I know it's Tuesday, but today is my Monday.

Yes, I did go to work in this. Can't get any more basic than this. Takes me back to uni days. Like a walking Gap ad, circa 90's. A not-so-skinny female James Dean, perhaps. Pfftt, as if!

Poetry shell cardi (Winners)

But it's still not that summery after all, so...

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