Saturday, 23 June 2012

Wet Friday

So, the retirement party finally came to fruition last night. It was pouring rain, not that we were soaked since we were inside the restaurant after all, but it definitely didn't put a damper on people's mood.

RW&Co dress, H&M flats, accessories (old)

We were worried that not too many people would show up, but the opposite thing happened. Everybody on the guest list showed up. Then there were people who didn't RSVP showed up as well. We all know why they showed up. Same reason why we organized it, to begin with. He's just that kind of person.

Needless to say, it was a fun soiree. Most importantly, the guest of honor had the best time. Mission accomplished.

Woke up still a tad tired this morning, but hey, I thought it was worth it. I did have an awesome time... This is what weekend's for, no?


  1. Wow everyone turned up - well that is impressive! I normally get the yes I'll come and no one does type of thing. Loving your denim dress :)

  2. yup, been around those kind of parties too... thnx:p



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