Monday, 11 June 2012

She Sells Sheer Shell

This weekend past turned out to be a nice weekend, yay! SUN! Need I say more?

This was me Saturday, for the usual volunteer day.

cardi (old), Black Rainn top (Winners), Gap belt,
Della Spiga pants (Costco), Expression flats (The Bay)

Another fruitful morning, fortunately. The rest of the day was spent just walking around. The sun was out after all.

Sunday was spent mainly on the couch, thanks to weekend allergy. I swear, it just acts up this badly on the weekend. Achh!!

(gift from mom, from the Philippines)

And looking out the window now, I think it's gonna be another nice afternoon. I might as well do something, to make up for Sunday, plus who knows how long this will last, again...

Not a bad start to the week, thank you, sun!



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