Thursday, 21 June 2012

Blue and Green

It seems weather forecast is changing by the second that what originally was supposed to be a sunny 3 or 4 days is turning out to be sunny 2 days, with today being the 2nd day. So we've been advised. Who knows what it'll be like when I wake up tomorrow. Bah! 

Effeti Moda shirt (Winners), Gap skirt, AE belt and sandals

It's starting to almost feel like some kind of game, trying to sneak in my summer wardrobe in there somewhere, at the slightest hint of sun/warmth. Can I? Can I not? Or some kind of trade with an unscrupulous vendor. For every 2 days of sun, you get 4 days of rain... Kinda' sad, eh?

Fortunately, the whole week, so far, has been really mellow. Heck, I'm even getting caught up with some of my work. What's up with that? *knock on wood

H&M scarf

And, it's given us at work some time to hash out tomorrow's retirement party for a colleague. Some non-work fun stuff, as I like to call it...

tote (gift)

Can't believe it's almost end of Jun. With the summer solstice occurring yesterday, it means the days are starting to get shorter. Again. And we haven't even left spring, weather-wise!!!

(recent purch)

... With all this planning for this retirement party, got me thinking, when am I gonna get there?!?!



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  1. Well, it's still better than getting a 43 degrees humidex:) And lookie....your nails make the green stand out!



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