Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Mixed Patterns

Other (style) bloggers have said it before, I say it too (hah, (style) blogger! me!), one of the beauty of reading other blogs out there is that they provide you all sorts of ideas about style/outfit.

AE button-down shirt, Esprit button-down shirt (inside),
BDG jeggings (UO), C'est Chic boots (Designer Depot)

Thanks to all these blogs, I've seen this look of layered button-down shirts with contrasting patterns (I think that's what I remember seeing anyways:p) enough times that I just had to try it.

Well, for what it's worth, this is my version. 

necklace (gift from mom from her cruise)

Too bad the collar(s) got hidden, pretty much buried under the hair...

bracelet (The Bay)
(but you see it in the sleeves)

Going thru some major system changes at work so just really trying to stay as chill as I can. Perhaps why all the recent pops of color and prints? You know, to inject some fun and something light to the atmosphere? As if I'm not bubbly enough! HAH!


  1. Hey interpretation of the mix:)

  2. Yes, bring out the champagne flutes! LOL thnx:p



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