Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Cobbled Stones

On some kind of training all week. Which is kinda' nice coz there's the absence of pressure from the usual daily tasks had I been in the office.

Express cardi (ancient), Mandee(?) blouse (Winners),
Gap cord jeans, Born boots (Winners)

Maybe it's just me but the top reminds me of cobbled stones, that is if the cobbled stones have never been trod on nor will it ever be, a super clean cobbled stone. hehe

I take it to be a good sign that I'm now gravitating towards my short-sleeved tops, albeit they still need to be layered. Either that, or I'm in denial or just being too hopeful about the weather. But it's almost end of March, I say! Well, ok, mid-March.

I also say winter schminter!

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