Monday, 19 March 2012

You Wore That to Work?

Nevada shirt (Sears), Rock & Republic jeans (gift from mom),
Reebok kicks (Winners)

Why, yes! HAH!

I know, I know, just because we can pretty much wear anything to work, even something this casual, doesn't mean I should. But boy, am I glad I'm able to, especially on days like today.

Yes, yes, I know, it's only Monday, and not that this Monday was any different in a sense that I was not rushing or anything like that. I guess I just felt like going casual today. heehee

Yes, the "V" sign to show my Asian-ness:p

Finally got around to chopping my hair off. Really loving the shortness of it:)

Really had a cray cray weather today. Weather Channel said it'll be cold (high 6) but sunny. An hour or so into work, it started snowing which turned to rain in half an hour. Break time in the morning, it did get sunny as promised(?), yay! Close to lunch time, it was hailing. Stepped out for a bit during lunch and it was mixed rain and snow. Oh yes, the sun came out again briefly in the afternoon. Then raining lightly by the time I was walking home. Cray cray!!!

(The Bay)

Yup, that's the city for you alright!

And it's only Monday!

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