Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Inspired by Rhoda, Sorta'

When I wore my red orange polka dots last week, a co-worker mentioned how she has just recently seen a Rhoda re-run where she wore polka dots with argyle (which I found an image, funny enough), and how she thought it was such a cool combo, and how my polka dot outfit reminded her of that.

oprah.com via Google images

When I told her I'll keep that in mind, coz it did intrigue my patterned brain, I didn't realize it would linger. Linger long enough to have come up with today's outfit.

Express cardi (old), Beechers Brook top (Fairweather),
Gap skirt, Born boots (Winners)

Well, of all the argyles in my closet, no argyle cardi, alas, so I thought, why not plaid! HAH!

Polka dots and plaid, fave patterns, why not, right?:p Hmmm, what next, argyle and stripes? Floral and checks? Hmmm, I think I just got dizzy. Gotta' lie down for a sec...




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