Friday, 2 March 2012

Lots and Dots, in Red(?)

I talked about this blouse before.

And lo and behold, look what made it in my closet, a week after I talked about it!

H&M bow tie polka dot blouse, cardi (ancient),
Gap jeans, Aerosole boots (Winners)

Yes, it crawled out of the store straight into our closet. HAH!

Strangely though, the top looked more orange in the store, which is what caught my eye to begin with, but it looks more red now. Not that I care. I. Still. Love. It.:p

Best reaction I've gotten in a long while, 2 women at work gasped at the same time in glee the moment they saw the top. heehee Seriously, how can you not?! I'm pretty sure my brain reacted the same way when it first saw it.

It's been a productive day, I thought. I wasn't even supposed to come in, but I've committed to it a while back. Went by fast, that's for sure. Guess that's a good sign. It meant I was busy enough, but not super busy that I needed to whine about it.

I actually thought I was gonna meet some friends after work, but actually glad I didn't. Now, I'm just at home, relaxing.

Anyhoot, since I thought the red, I mean, the orange might be too much on its own, got the idea to tone it down kinda' based on the looks from these 2 blogs that I follow.

Which she got the idea based on...

I did say kinda' only, did I not? hehe

I love it when things kinda' go full circle in that sense...

I cannot cannot say enough how glad I am it's Friday!


  1. does look like a happy top! I think this is one my fave outfits of yours:)



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