Thursday, 1 March 2012

Blue and Green

After all that pinkness yesterday, I felt I had to keep the colors up.

Denver Hayes cardi (Marks Work Warehouse),
turtleneck sweater (ancient!), BR belt
AE jean, C'est Chic boots (Designer Depot)

Strangely enough, there were 2 other women at work who were wearing green as well. Isn't that funny when that happens? Of course it usually just happens to women (and/or gay men, perhaps, sometimes, no?). I guess something about our energy levels sync when we work long enough with some people.

Actually decided to go for this color combo based on this article I read on People Stylewatch that shows blue and green jewelry for spring.

March 2012, People Style Watch, p. 205

I don't have a blue and green jewelry per se (or maybe I do, I have to check) but it did inspire me with my outfit, so to speak. I think.

(The Bay)

Spring, why don't ya just come, will ya!


  1. I like this colour combo! And Advanced Happy St. Paddy's Day:P

  2. HAH, that must be it, eh? Thinking of St. Paddy's already, without even realizing it LOL... thnx:p



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