Sunday, 12 February 2012

Close Call

Since I didn't step out of the house yesterday, thought I'd walk around today. Ok, by around, I mean the mall, mostly. heehee...

Last stop of the day was H&M, surprise, surprise. Tried on a few items, naturally.

I came really close to buying this top. So close, that I was already at the check-out ready to pay for it, and changed my mind the very last minute. Kinda' bright, eh? I sent this same pic to the hubs and he replied with, "That's loud!" or something to that effect. LOL. It is, isn't it? I do love it, but its brightness is going to limit my options, the more I think about it. At the end, I'm glad I did end up not getting it.

Here are some more that I tried and knew as soon as I put them on, heck no:

... looks like I'm ready to go to bed, no?
Or pregnant?
Or both!
... loved the color but it looked like I had an extra hip
... made me look like I had no butt, a tad big, and too bad too,
coz it was on sale! hehe
And thought I'd post this last one, too.

Ok, I know the Celine tote one is kinda' out of my price range right now, or even the Phillip Lim one, but even if I reallllly want something close, not sure I'll go this route. I guess, people gotta try, right?

So, in short, I walked out of the store empty-handed. YAY! heehee... although prior to walking in to H&M, I did buy some accessories at The Bay. Another YAY, but a totally different kind of YAY. HAH!


  1. OMG! That orange top is fab! But hey, that's good that you didn't get anything...I guess:P

  2. It IS fab!!! And is it good, really, is it?!? LOL



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